Taiki Murayama

Designer and typographer with a penchant for hand-lettering and developing brand identities. 

San Francisco, CA
+ 413 695 9466

Uber Freight brand photography

Uber Freight brand photography




In rebranding Uber’s freight division, I concepted and executed a full brand library photoshoot, with photographers Shaughn and John.


Driver photography


Thus far in the the freight industry, drivers have not been portrayed as portrait-worthy individuals. Brands tend to put more equity in faceless fleets, than they do the drivers that move virtually all the goods we use. From talking to drivers and broader market research, I’ve found that many drivers are in fact also artists, photographers and writers - each with incredible and unique stories. I made sure to try to capture their cultural importance in our driver photography.


Shipper photography


Just as I aimed to humanize carriers through photography, I want to achieve the same for the shippers on our platform. Moving away from the logistical aspect of the transaction, I instead focused on the creators workers in the process before an item leaves a facility.


Garage photography


With service partnerships on the horizon, I also included a day of shooting with access to an active garage. Easily the most fun day of the shoot.


Product & still life photography


For obvious reasons, we needed product, still life and vehicle photography. It also served as my big debut as a hand model.

Apple motion

Apple motion

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