Taiki Murayama

Designer and typographer with a penchant for hand-lettering and developing brand identities. 

San Francisco, CA
+ 413 695 9466

SoundCloud advertising

SoundCloud advertising




Designed and art directed a responsive informational site for advertising on all SoundCloud platforms. SoundCloud was late to the game in an effort to monetize the platform, and with established competitors a few years ahead I needed to create something that was persuasive, sophisticated and digestible. Working directly with departmental stakeholders to coordinate content and production, I put together statistics and case studies to bring on advertisers as well as the tools for them to design creative. 


Ad units


Our advertising program also included optional design services - a frequent add-on. My team worked directly with our clients to create advertising creative for their campaigns on the SoundCloud platform. 




Sponsored tracks


One popular form of integrated marketing was the creation of sponsored original tracks. Our content team paired artists with clients, for which I designed custom album/track art. 

Sponsored Tracks

Sponsored Tracks


Preview tool


In order to make it easier for our clients to design their own creative, I designed a password protected tool that allowed clients to preview their assets. I worked directly with Croscon to develop and launch the web-based tool.  




SoundCloud still derives a hefty portion of its income from the tools and material myself and my team of three created. 

Event collateral

Event collateral