Apple's product detail pages had long been a weak point in the purchase flow. The main painpoints were that the product galleries were going un-noticed, those who accessed the PDP via a side-door missed all of the educational and marketing material, and lastly they were visually substandard to the rest of the website. The group of us that were asked to explore different redesigns broke off individually and were asked to look at the product suite as a whole, as well as how each section could improve. 

First, I decided to surface the gallery rather than embolden the link. The product images are beautiful, why not show them off. However since most of the SKUs only had control angles rendered, I added custom angles and crops to make them feel more like uniques. 

The "What's in the box" section was also lacking - with Apple's packaging and unboxing being a large part of the product experience I decided to bring some of that simplicity and layout into my explorations. This was later iterated on and eventually used in what is live today. 

I also added some top-level marketing content for those who might have missed the product landing pages, followed by a paginating gallery of accessories curated for that product. I prototyped the page in principle to show interactive functionality. 


As features were cherry-picked for rolling updates, the next focus was on the gallery itself. There was an opportunity to make them interactive - the same restrictons applied however, where we had to be creative and find new way to use the same control angles. 


A version of the gallery featuring the horizontal scroll is being iterated upon for production, and the explorations in optimizing the PDPs are continuing this fall.